My Favorite Manual Toothbrush Is . . . .
G-U-M® Technique® Plus, Soft/Compact Toothbrush

Picking a toothbrush can be very confusing. To me, it's like picking out tennis shoes, which I hate. There is cross-action and triple-action and no-action, etc . . . You just want one that is going to serve its purpose the best possible way.

GUM's Technique Plus takes a lot of the guess work out of brushing properly. The handle grip is brilliantly designed to position the bristles at a 45 degree angle. This is what hygienists want you to do. Brushing where the gum meets the teeth is key; that is where gum disease starts.

Their patented interdental Dome Trim® bristle design also helps clean at and below the gumline as well as between teeth. This function helps greatly with all you non-flossers out there. Always floss, but this shape of bristles extends interdentally to help out.

The compact head allows the brusher to follow the curvature of the teeth. You don't teeter over angles as much as you would with a full size brush head. Remember, the alignment of teeth are more like a road with bumps and curves rather than a smooth consistent highway. That is why I always choose a compact head. People think a full brush head cleans more teeth because it's bigger, but that is not necessarily true.

I love the extended tip at the end of the head. This allows the brush to reach back behind teeth. It's great with molars or in areas where teeth are missing.

If you have special needs for your homecare, this may not be the brush for you. But if you are an Average Joe in need of a super great brush, try this one out!

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