Editorial Board

Editorial Board

No money has been exchanged


To much surprise, The Dental Insider has retained the best Editorial Board Review money could buy without really buying them. No money has been exchanged in contracting the individuals that collaboratively make up the Editorial Review Board; they just wanted to do it. Through an in-depth empirical investigation, I was able to dig up all kinds of dirt on these doctors. Unfortunately none of it had to do with dentistry so I let their impeccable dental record and continued dedication to community service sway my decision.

I asked one dentist,” Do you want to be on my editorial review board?” His reply was,” If it’s for the greater good of the community and it will keep you busy, then yes”.

I asked another dentist,” Do you want to be on my editorial review board?” He stated,” If you are going to share secrets of the dental trade and set people straight, sure, why not.”

I didn’t even ask this dentist, he approached me and said,” I hear you need an editorial review board and I want to be apart of something special, where do I sign up?” I thought that was strange, but I was flattered; so he’s in.

My job is to help clear up all the lies, confusion and deception tangled up in this crazy world called Dentistry. It’s not a bad place just one people don’t like very much. Luckily, I’m ON the case and looking out for you!

Board Members

Jason Pair, DDS
Alan Stein, DDS
General, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry
Richard Massoth, DDS, MSD
Michael Imberman, DMD, MScD
Periodontics and Dental Implants
James P. Jensvold, DDS
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
(818) 999-0900