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USC Mobile Clinic

The USC Mobile Clinic program is an important resource in addressing the oral health needs of children from urban and rural low-income families in California. It is also a valuable educational resource for dental and dental hygiene students from the USC School of Dentistry, UCLA and students from dental hygiene and dental assistant programs throughout Southern California.

For over 40 years, the USC Mobile Clinic has provided dental care to more than 90,000 children from low-income families. More than 90 percent of children visiting the USC Mobile Clinic are seeing a dentist for the first time.

Services provided by the USC Mobile Clinic include oral examinations, X-rays, dental prophylaxes, nutritional counseling, fluoride treatments, sealants, amalgam and composite restorations, stainless steel crowns, polycarbonate anterior crowns, root canal therapy for primary and permanent teeth, extractions and minor oral surgery.

Although it takes over $50,000 to run the clinic away from school, it provides more than $1 million worth of dental care annually at no cost to the patients. The USC Mobile Clinic is an invaluable part of Southern California’s community treatment programs. Without the clinic, low-income communities risk unfairly exposing their children to a lifetime of detrimental dental and general health problems. If you would like to donate to the USC Mobile Clinic, visit USC Dentistry Mobile Clinic or email [email protected]

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