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Be Sure about Insurance

Dental Insurance Tips

Dental care can be expensive. The expense is a deterrent; people will look for any excuse not to go to the dentist. But, by ignoring your dental health and needs you may become susceptible to larger problems often costing much more time and money.

Dental insurance is great if someone else is paying for it. It usually won’t cover all your dental expenses but it will certainly help. When looking into coverage, make sure to do your research, here are a few things you should know.

  • PPO plans allow a person to pick any dentist, in or out of the insurance company network. Dentists agree to lower their fees for patients under this type of coverage in exchange for more business.
  • HMO plans allow a person to pick a dentist only from the insurance company network. The dentist is paid by the insurance company at a set price.
  • Most dental insurances have an annual maximum of $1000.00, which is less than the cost of one dental crown
  • Most dental insurances have allowances on procedures that vary from full coverage to 50% coverage
  • Most dental policies are designed to ensure a patient receives an exam, x-rays, and a couple of cleanings per year.
  • Individual coverage is an agreement between the patient and the insurance company, usually not the dentist.
  • Dental insurance may not be worthwhile if paying out of pocket. Monthly premiums can cost more than the treatment needed.



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This is Not a Dictatorship


Dental insurance is great. It’s even better when your company is paying for it. And like all great things, there are limitations. These limitations come in the form of money. Most dental insurance policies have a deductable, waiting period, a co-pay, an annual maximum, and limitations on x-rays, dental exams and cleanings. These policies are […]

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